Ryan, Sean, Jeri, Tom, Alison, Jenifer and John

Ryan, Sean, Jeri, Tom, Alison, Jenifer and John

My wife Jeri and I moved to Arcadia in 1985. We found Arcadia to be an exceptional community to raise our four children because of its’ excellent schools and opportunities for extracurricular activities. My volunteer activities have involved Arcadia schools, Arcadia youth sports, Arcadia Methodist Hospital, and my neighborhood homeowner association.

I will bring my legal, business, and financial experience as your independent and common sense representative on the Arcadia City Council.

Since submitting my nomination papers, I have met with numerous City Officials and community leaders to privately discuss the important issues and determine how we can work together to make our great city even better. My private meetings have included:

  • City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto (issues included budget, water, street lighting and repair, and crime)
  • Chief of Police Bob Guthrie (issues included home burglaries and allocation of police resources)
  • Community Leader David Lee (issues included how we can best unify our residents and improve our sense of community)
  • Community Leader Dorothy Denne (issues included what our Seniors want and need and how they may be assisted)
  • President of our Downtown Business Association, Matt McSweeney (issues included what our new Downtown Arcadia Community Benefit District is trying to achieve and ways this promising program can be exported to our other business districts, particularly Baldwin Avenue and Live Oak Avenue)

My vision for Arcadia:

  • We must keep our police, fire and paramedic services strong. Neighborhood safety must be our first priority.
  • We must keep our schools at the top. This benefits us all, even if our children are no longer in the school system.
  • We must be fiscally wise and always have balanced budgets and adequate reserves for future unforeseen circumstances.
  • We must provide exceptional programs for our Seniors and youth.
  • We must maintain our cooperation between our city and schools.
  • We must evaluate all future developments to ensure they will be consistent with maintaining our quality of life.
  • We must keep a strong code enforcement to maintain and improve the aesthetics and integrity of our city.

I am ready and eager to get to work on your behalf. You have 3 votes on your mail-in ballot. I would appreciate one of your votes.

Thank you.

Tom Beck