Council Member Tom BeckA Personal Message To My Friends And Supporters In District 2

My vote on the Arcadia City Council is NOT for sale. Never has been, never will.

As you may have noticed by the recent slick mailers, on-line posts, and signs, there are powerful and well-financed "special interests" behind the campaign against me in our neighborhoods.

  • They contain misrepresentations, illogical arguments, and outright lies.
  • They play on fear, division, and disharmony.
  • They fail to list names of supporters.
  • They represent an unprecedented low point in Arcadia City Council campaigns.

Four years ago, I decided to run for a first term on the Arcadia City Council because six former mayors (including my opponent) asked me to and endorsed me. Then as now, my mailers and campaigning were positive and issue-based. Unlike the current hit pieces against me, I have always refused to take the low road with personal attacks, misstatements, and disrespectful comments.

I encourage you to ignore the opposition's assault on the truth. My commitment to the City of Arcadia and all of its residents is clear. It is not focused on special interest groups, personal interests, and political power. It is inclusive, positive, and comprehensive.

I have been a hard-working volunteer in Arcadia for over 30 years. My service includes 1000s of hours on behalf of our schools, youth sports, senior citizen programs, community events, Methodist Hospital, and my church.

My website sets forth my accomplishments and positions.
I want what you want:
  • Safe and beautiful neighborhoods. My #1 priority is your safety. I have a perfect 100% voting record in support of our first-class police, fire, and paramedic services.
  • Fiscally conservative budgets with adequate reserves.
  • Exceptional senior and youth facilities and programs.
  • Excellent water, trash and sewer services at some of the lowest rates in the area.
  • Well-maintained public buildings, roads, parks, landscaping, and other infrastructure.
  • Compatible development and effective code enforcement.
  • Collaboration and cooperation between the city and school district.

As a business owner and attorney with extensive real world experience, I know how to deal with complex litigation, promote business, and save taxpayer money.

As an Arcadian, I will never stop working hard to bring our community together, not divide it.

As a voter, you should seek the truth: consider the quality of my accomplishments, the positive nature of my campaign, and the wide-ranging list of good Arcadians who support me.

You have only one vote in this election. It would be an honor if you cast your vote for me.

Thank you,

Tom Beck