Arcadia's Former Mayors Speak Out

Gary KovacicGary Kovacic
Former Mayor of Arcadia

"The significant impact of this year's election cannot be overstated. The results will definitely affect the balance of power on the Arcadia City Council and the future of our community for years to come. Barb and I are supporting incumbent and friend Tom Beck in the District 2 election. Tom has represented all of Arcadia very well during his first term. He is articulate, intelligent, independent, honest, and respectful of others. Vote for Tom, a problem solver who leads with integrity."

Mickey SegalMickey Segal
Former Mayor of Arcadia

"I am proud and honored to support Tom Beck. I have worked with him for many years and he has continually demonstrated his commitment to Arcadia. Tom is a true leader and does not let personal interests impede his decision making for what is best for our community. Others running for this seat continue to be driven by special interests and money. I encourage all Arcadians to support Tom Beck to ensure that our city council has independent members voting for the best results for our city."

George FaschingGeorge Fasching
Former Mayor of Arcadia

"In his first four years on the Council, Tom Beck has shown the leadership we have needed for many years. He is strong on public safety and consistently votes on support of our police department. He is smart with the taxpayer's money and holds the line on government waste. No question about it; we need Tom back for another four years."